TheDarkArchon's Haunt
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Links to sites that I like/use.
DRDTeam - My host.
The Doom Armory - The home of weapons mods.
GZDoom - My primary source port. It's basically ZDoom (see below) + OpenGLness + the 2.0.96x extensions (see below).
Grubbersoft - Home of ZDoom 2.0.96x, which contains a ton of improvements over the regular ZDoom, including DECORATE weapon extensions.
ZDoom - Home of ZDoom, my former primary port. Regarded by some as the most popular Doom source port.
EDGE - Incredibally powerful and easy to use OpenGL source port. Perfect for the newbie weapons modder.
Doomworld - Doom news site, with a database for the /idgames archive, which contains almost every Doom WAD ever released.
Newdoom - Another Doom news site, home of Dr. Sleep's site, a good place to go if you are a mapper in the making for tutorials.
The Doom Wiki - Wiki project which contains everything you ever wanted to know about Doom and then some.