TheDarkArchon's Haunt
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A quick DECORATE weapons mod for Heretic that replaces most of the magical stuff with guns. There aren't really any fancy weapons in here. (Though I did use a couple of codepointers I hadn't used before). Requires GZDoom at the moment since the mod uses Global ACS scripts but ZDoom 2.0.99R127 at ZDoom's SVN repository will run this as well.

Tainted Decorum 0.8b

My current mod and my first DECORATE one. Has 19 weapons and has the infamous EFC 27000 in it and has the longest DECORATE weapon line wise I've seen at time of writing (The minigun. Over 100 lines long and that's just the fire state). Requires GZDoom 0.9.22. ZDoom 2.0.96x users have to run this WAD and Tainted Decorum together for this to work.

Demented Reality

My last finished weapons mods which used DeHackEd with a DEHSUPP and DECORATE bunged into the mix and is unique in that aspect, weapons mod wise. I took the Incendary Shell Launcher and converted it into DECORATE for the Weapons Resource WAD (See below for download link). For ZDoom 2.0.63a onwards.


My first released mod and it's a DEHSUPP/DEHACKED mod. Contains the first model of the EFC, a homing plasma gun along with other oddities. It's also not very good. Runs on ZDoom 2.0.63a only. If you attempt to do otherwise, don't complain to me about it.

The Weapons Resource WAD

Not mine per se but I mirror this because I was getting bad download speeds at Chaoscentrals site. Chaoscentrals site is now dead so this is the only current mirror for the WAD. Contains weapons related resources for use in your own projects. Find out more about it here.