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Mod Jorunal

Tainted Decorum


* Nerfed the rate of fire and pickup ammo of the Ice Cannon
* Tweaked the unmakers damage. The powered up form does more damage but fires all it's beams at one point.
* The internal names for the weapons chip is correct now
* The Chi Gem has a better animation.


* Chipped EFC 27000 now has a secondary fire which instantly kills what ever is in the crosshair when it goes off.


* Changed Auto-shotgun sound for the Streetsweeper sound in Wildweasel's Cold Hard Cash


* Double Shotgun doesn't jiggle as much
* Replaced Stealth Rifle with Sniper Rifle.
* 0.8b release

* Rereleased 0.8a due to a visual bug and an outdated textfile >_<.

* Emegrated from the Doom armory.
* Released 0.8a. See downloads.